American Spark Keys

Of all the countries producing spark keys, the U.S. clearly had the biggest variety. From the large commercial and navy keys made by Massie Wireless and Marconi, down to the relatively small keys for amateur use made by Bunnell and Signal Electric, there were spark keys for every application.

Below is a large selection of American spark keys, covering the majority of the known manufacturers. Many are quite impressive in both size and style.

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Gigantic Massie Wireless Pump Handle Spark Key, Ca. 1905. Only 4 are Known to Exist Another View of the Massie Pump Handle Key Another Massie Pump Handle at the New England Wireless & Steam Museum, Rhode Island Several Copies of the Massie Pump Handle Key Were Made by Phil Weingarten and his Machinist Friend Hugo
Comparison of a Real and Fake Massie Key. The Difference is Obvious A Different Model Massie Wireless Key on a Slate Base (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) A Copy of the Slate Based Massie Key That was Sold by Sears & Roebuck Massie Wireless Oil Break Key (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection)
Close-up of the Massie Oil Break Key, Using a California Electrical Works Step Lever Key (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) Small Massie Wireless Key for Signal Corps (Antique Wireless Association Museum, E. Bloomfield, NY) American Marconi Type CM-410 5KW, 50Amp Spark Key, Nicknamed "The Rockcrusher" Marconi CM-410 Label
American Marconi CM-408 Relay Key Marconi CM-408 Label American Marconi SE-86 Flameproof Spark Key Another View of the SE-86
The SE-86 Contact The SE-86 Label American Marconi Type 205 American Marconi Type 217 (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection)
American Marconi CM-425 Spark Key Another View of the CM-425 A Replica of the CM-425 Made by Phil Weingarten American Marconi "Roadmap" Spark Key
Another Version of the Roadmap Key With Larger Contact for Higher Current Boston Navy Yard SE-68 Spark Key Boston Navy Yard SE-68A Spark Key. Same as the SE-68 Except for the Lever Design Boston Navy Yard SE-144 Spark Key. Same Size as the Marconi SE-86 but for Higher Power
The Contact Inside the SE-144. Much Bigger Than the SE-86 Contact Boston Navy Yard SE-137B Relay Key Another View of the SE-137B Relay Key The SE-137B Label
Wireless Specialties Apparatus High Power Spark Key Another Version of the Wireless Specialties Apparatus Key Wireless Specialties Apparatus SE-653 (W2PM Collection) Wireless Specialties Apparatus Type QS-5004 With Contact Cooling Fins (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection)
Another QS-5004 Leg Key Wireless Specialties Apparatus CP-675 Flameproof Key With Diaphragm Close-up of the Keying Contact Another Wireless Specialties Apparatus Key With Large Contacts. Model Number Unknown
Clapp-Eastham Marble Based Spark Key. Known as "The Boston Key" Another View of the Boston Key Marble Based Boston Keys Were Availble With 3/8" or 1/2" Contacts Bakelite Based Boston Key (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection)
Clapp-Eastham Boston Key Junior Another View of the Boston Key Junior A.W. Bowman Spark Key US Navy Amplifying Hand Break Key (
Another View of the Amplifying Hand Break Key. Note the Auxiliary Keying Contacts Close-Up of the Auxiliary Keying Contacts Label From the Amplifying Hand Break Key Kilbourne & Clark SE-1865 Submarine Spark Key. Seattle, 1918
Another View of the SE-1865 Key. Note the Key Has a 3rd Leg for an Auxiliary Contact Side View of the SE-1865 Showing the Auxiliary Contact Kilbourne & Clark SE-68 Kilbourne & Clark Type A Spark Key, Ca. 1911
Another View of the Type A Spark Key Kilbourne & Clark 1/2 KW Flameproof Key. 1918 Kilbourne & Clark Balanced Hand Key. 1920 Another View of the K&C Balanced Hand Key
Wm. Duck Overland Spark Key, 5 Amp Version Wm. Duck Overland Spark Key, 10 Amp Version Wm. Duck Overland Spark Key, 20 Amp Version (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) Lowenstein Radio SE-68 (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection)
Lowenstein Radio Type A Spark Key Another Version of the Type A Key Lowenstein Radio SE-923 Spark Key Lowenstein Radio SE-1579 Key & Buzzer Set
F.B. Chambers Spark Key, Philadelphia Another View of the F.B. Chambers Key Wm. J. Murdock Spark Key, Chelsea Mass. Another View of the Murdock Spark Key
Adams-Morgan Spark Key Independent Wireless Type K-1 Spark Key Emil Simon CE-693 Flameproof Key Eastern Precision Electrical Spark Key (
MESCO "Heavy Wireless Key" Large Spark Key by MESCO, Type CAM-1189. Made for US Navy, 1918 Top View of the MESCO Key View of the Nameplate and Large 5/8" Diameter Contacts
Liberty Electric SE-923 Spark Key Liberty Electric SE-68 (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) United Wireless Spark Key (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) Washington Navy Yard Type A Spark Key
General Radio Type CAG-457 Spark Key (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) General Radio Type 151 Flameproof Key Another View of the Type 151 Key Edgecomb-Pyle Spark Key, Pittsburgh PA
Another View of the Edgecomb-Pyle Key Electro-Set Spark Key Another View of the Electro-Set Key Federal Telegraph SE-858 Flameproof Key
Federal Telegraph Type 496 Federal Telegraph Type CT-1474 Federal Telegraph Type CT-1576 Signal Electric Model R-64 Spark Key. Menominee, Michigan
Signal Electric Model R-66 Marble-Based Spark Key. Type SE-1443 Flameproof Key (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) Another View of the SE-1443 Key Unknown Maker Large Contact Spark Key
Another View of the Unknown Maker Key Tri-City "Cootie Key" Wireless Sideswiper. Rock Island, Illinois. (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection) McIntosh Electric Spark Key, Chicago. Ca. 1922 McIntosh Also Made This Key That Was Part of a Diathermy Machine. Not a Spark Key
JH Bunnell Wireless Sideswiper Another View of the Bunnell Wireless Sideswiper JH Bunnell Bakelite Based Spark Key With Auxiliary Contact JH Bunnell Marble Based Spark Key
Another View of the Bunnell Marble Based Spark Key Comparison of the Bunnell Key with the Clapp-Eastham Spark Key JH Bunnell Push-Post Spark Key Another View of the Bunnell Push-Post Key
Bunnell Push-Post Key Includes a Tool For Adjusting the Height of the Lower Contact Nickel Plated Bunnell Spark Key With Heavy Contacts Smaller Bunnell Bakelite Based Spark Key Another Version Bunnell Wireless Key
  JH Bunnell Triumph-Style Spark Key Close-up of the Contact on the Bunnell Triumph-Style Spark Key  





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