German Spark Keys


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Early wood based German spark key by Deutch Telefonwerk & Kabelindustrie.




Telefunken postal style spark key with large contacts.




Slaby-Arco aircraft spark key. The tall knob makes it easier for the pilot to operate.




Telefunken T.S. 197 step lever spark key. Uses a ball bearing seated in a socket in the contact to increase surface area of the contact. (Gil Schlehman K9WDY Collection)





Telefunken HT-3 spark key. The key in the middle, with larger contacts, is in the AWA Museum in E. Bloomfield, NY.



Another version of the Telefunken HT-3 with an auxilliary contact lever on the side.




German Flameproof key, possibly for airplane use. Key components made of aluminum to reduce weight in the plane.




Another German Flameproof key, possibly used on WW1 aircraft. (