Danish Spark Keys


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Early Danish Marconi-style spark key.



A large Danish spark key by MP Pedersen. Has a metal shroud around the contact in an attempt to make it flameproof, but it is still open to the outside air.




A similar key by MP Pedersen minus the metal contact shroud.





Danish amateur radio operator OZ7EE, Erik Petersen, who was paralyzed from the neck down from polio, had an MP Pedersen spark key fitted with a special cupped knob that allowed him to operate the key with his mouth using a long plastic tube. His radio also had special dials fitted to allow him to turn them with this tube.



Two Danish spark keys by Elektromekano, both with cooling fins around the contact. The key on the right has a lever that pivots to the side, probably used with a field telegraph set.





Two later Danish spark keys by Elektromekano.