U.S. Military Keys

During WW1 & WW2, many different keys were made for the U.S. Navy and Army Signal Corps. Navy keys can be identified by a prefix that begins with the letter "C". For example, CAG was General Radio, CJB was JH Bunnell, CTE was Telephonics Corp, etc.

Army Signal Corps Keys were known as "J-Series" keys because they identified their keys by a J-number ranging from J-2 through J-51 (although not every J-number actually exists)

Below are pictures of many of the Navy and Signal Corps keys.

(Click the thumbnails below to view a larger picture):


Signal Corps J-2 Key. Has Larger Contacts Like a Spark Key J-3a Key by LS Brach. Used in a WW1 Induction Telegraph Set (kd2uj.com) J-3a Key Lever Folds Back to Fit Inside Field Set Box (kd2uj.com) J-4 Silenced Instrument Key With Winker Lamp
US Army Signal Corps Field Telegraph Service Buzzer. Stromberg-Carlson. 1914 Inside the 1914 Service Buzzer WW1 US Army Signal Corps Induction Telegraph Set. LS Brach, Newark NJ. 1918 The Induction Telegraph Set Was Used to Communicate Between Trenches During the War
Close-Up of the Schematic and Instructions for the Induction Telegraph Signal Corps Type EE-76 Simplex Telegraph Set. Ca. 1923 Close-Up of the EE-76 Nameplate Inside the EE-76 Simplex Telegraph Set, Showing a Key, Sounder, and Relay
J-5 Flameproof Key by General Radio. Ca. 1918 Close-up of the J-5 Nameplate J-5a Flameproof Key by LS Brach. Ca. 1941 Close-up of the J-5a Nameplate
Different Version of J-5 Key. Part of Type 48 Wireless Set J-6 Key by LS Brach Close-up of Brach Name Stamp J-7 Key With Winker Lamp (kd2uj.com)
J-12 Key J-37 Key J-38 Morse Code Training Key TG5-A Field Telegraph Set Using J-41 Key
J-44 Key. Basically a J-37 With a Circuit Closer Switch (kd2uj.com) J-45 Leg Key J-47 Key, Which is a J-37 on a Bakelite Base J-48 Key
J-49 Electronic Keyer. Sangamo Electric Co. Springfield, Illinois Inside the J-49 Keyer J-51 Vietnam Era Field Signal Light Key. Works by Squeezing the Handles Together. CMI-26003 Navy Flameproof Key (kd2uj.com)
A Different Type of Navy Flameproof Key. Maker Unknown A British Style WT-8Amp Key made by JH Bunnell, NY Another View of the WT-8Amp Key Showing the Bunnell Name Lionel Corp. Key Made for the US Navy. Model Number Unknown
Close-Up of the Lionel Name on the Base CLT-26012 Navy Key. Has a Slot to Insert a Bug Wedge. Lundquist Tool & Mfg Co. (kd2uj.com) CJB-26012 Navy Key. Same Design as the CLT-26012 But This Version Has a Metal Knob. The Lever is Insulated From the Rest of the Key. JH Bunnell, NY Navy Waterproof Key. Uses a CJB-26001 Key
Close-Up of the Key US Navy Type CAQZ-26026 Made by Brelco KY-605/U Lightweight Plastic Key Designed to be Strapped on the Leg. Made by Electro-Voice Close-up of the Electro-Voice Markings
RT-6 Spy Radio Transmitter Used by the CIA. Made by Motorola The RT-6 Transmitter Includes a Tiny Telegraph Key That Folds Out From Inside the Unit Type KY-5033 Military Key by Rockwell-Collins Unknown Miniature Key, Only 3" Long. Possibly Part of a Field Set





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