Martin Flash Keys

Martin Flash Keys were actually made by Horace Martin's sons with the company Martin Research & Manufacturing. They were mostly patterned after the existing Vibroplex models of the day: Original, Blue Racer, and Lightning bug. There was also a 4th model that had a very simple vertical pivot. JH Bunnell & Co. eventually bought the company so later keys have nameplates that are stamped "Bunnell-Martin Flash Key" rather than "Martin Flash Key"

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Type 5-45

Also known as the Professional #6, this key looked much like a Vibroplex Lightning Bug.


A later version of the 5-45 with the Bunnell name rather than Martin.


Type 5-46

Also known as the Amateur Flash Key, this key was bit different than the other flash keys. The lever pivoted on a pin screwed down into a post. There was no frame like on most Vibroplex models.


Type 5-47

Also known as the Junior Flash key, this key was clearly patterned after the Vibroplex Blue Racer.


Type 5-48

Not sure if this key had another name, but it was a clone of the Vibroplex Original




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